Below are listed the locations where trained Recovering Origins retreat teams exist that aim to offer the retreat on an annual basis. Listed below the diocese is the current point of contact if you would like to inquire about more information regarding the program in that diocese.

If a particular diocese has more than one location that hosts the retreat, then the location of each retreat will be listed, as well as separate contacts where applicable. If there is no location mentioned, then it should be assumed that it is a diocesan-run program, which may vary in location.

We have also listed dioceses who have upcoming retreats scheduled, meaning they will have trained Recovering Origins teams soon.

Established Programs

Diocese of Arlington, Virginia

Alexander Wolfe

Diocese of Saint Augustine, Florida

Mike Day

Archdiocese of Washington DC

Saint John Paul II National Shrine
Daniel Meola

2019 Upcoming Programs

Archdiocese of New York

Robert Phillips

Archdiocese of Washington DC

Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish
Daniel Meola

Diocese of Lansing, Michigan

Richard Budd