Welcome to Dan's Corner


Hello everyone! This is my little corner of the website for my musings and other random stuff  – always with an eye to the thoughts, needs, interests, and joys of adult children of divorce and separation. We’ll feature cool things like - notes from the road about spreading this ministry to  great stories from people we meet as well our team. I also will feature music and art. In the next post we will be highlighting the great music of Mike Corsini, especially the Life-Giving Wounds theme song that we often play on Recovering Origins retreats. I think you will enjoy - so stay tuned.

Note to readers: I expect the scheduling of these posts to be sporadic, rather than regular, because my primary mission will be to spread the on-the-ground ministry to dioceses and parishes and to develop resources. Also, I will above all resist the urge to respond immediately to the latest news – so don’t expect that on here. I want this “corner” to be fun and contemplative, and not reactive. Often I find myself needing many weeks, if not months, to think about current events in a productive fashion.

I promise though that this corner will always be worth your time to check it out as it will have something interesting to relate to your life as an adult child of divorce or separation! This is my unique angle on here, as with everything on the website. And yes I hope to eventually call this blog by a cooler name than “Dan’s Corner,” but that will have to wait for inspiration down the road.

Thanks, and God bless you! I look forward to this journey with you!

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