Waiting in the Wound Song Part I

One of the great joys of the Life-Giving Wounds ministry has been teaming up with the talented artist, musician, speaker, and friend, Michael Corsini. Information about Mike’s amazing ministry can be found at www.michaelcorsini.com and the cover image for this post is taken from his private drawings of the Holy Family. Mike and I have been supporting each other in our growing ministries from day one of our friendship and we have been doing Recovering Origins retreats as a team from the very beginning in 2015. His participation on the team is invaluable because truly we need to have the gifts and beauty he brings to uplift others.

In this post, I’d like to introduce you a little to the beauty of Mike’s music, which has been healing for many participants on the retreats. I hope it will be for you too if you are discovering it for the first time.

In particular, I’d like to talk a little bit about his original song “Waiting in the Wound.” This song has become the unofficial theme song for Recovering Origins retreats so I asked Mike to shave a video with us about the meaning behind the song. Here is what he put together for us:

And here is the song:

I think this is an awesome song and should be more widely known throughout the country. So if you liked the song, then please help Mike out by spreading the word about this post on social media and buying the song on Spotify or wherever you buy your music! Also, stay tuned for his new version of the song to be released this Fall! We’ll post again about it when it is available and it will be labeled as “Part II” when we do! We’ll also take a closer look into the lyrics.

In the meantime, for those who’d like to read the lyrics, here they are for your convenience:

Waiting in the Wound

You are, the grain of wheat that falls on my awaiting land

You are, the precious coin that I let slip from my hand

You are, the pearl of greatest price on my ocean floor

You are, mercy waiting just behind my door


And I love you for waiting

I love you for waiting


You are waiting in the wound

That I hide from you

You Call me, to find you


You were there when I was weak

You were there when I sought light

And You were there when I brought fire in the garden


You were there when I lost hope

You were there when I took life

And You were there between the falling and the rising


The wait is over, the wait is over now


“Waiting in the Wound” music and words by Michael Corsini

© 2017 Michael Corsini

CCLI# 11263332