Future Ministry Goals

“Without a vision, the people perish” - Proverbs 29:18


We are currently working on several projects that breathe life into the Life-Giving Wounds vision.

These projects make up some of the dreams of the Life-Giving Wounds ministry.

If you want to help these dreams become a reality, then please help us with your prayers, donations, or share an idea, suggestion, or written encouragement by contacting us.

We’re always open to thinking about and exploring the best ideas!

Leadership Training Workshops

One goal of Life-Giving Wounds is equipping leaders to carry forward ministry to adult children of divorce. To that end, we will be offering soon a two hour training for diocesan and parish leaders about how to begin a permanent ministry for healing adult children of divorce and separation, ways to incorporate this ministry into already existing ministries in the diocese/parish, how to run a Recovering Origins Retreat on an ongoing basis, how to assemble a ministry team, and other best practices. These trainings are being piloted in June 2019 and in the future we hope to offer more training in the form of a leadership manual, certification, longer training, etc.

Currently, a leadership training can be booked along with the Recovering Origins retreat (to take place prior to the retreat).

Support Groups/Small Groups

A post-Recovering Origins retreat small group is being piloted currently at the John Paul II Shrine, for alumni of the retreat. Right now, the support group has three goals – continuing to discuss the wounds of our parents’ divorce or separation in light of the Beatitudes, developing the prayer life of participants, and offering peer-to-peer friendship, witness, and support.

Peer-to-Peer Mentorship/Ministry

Life-Giving Wounds peer-to-peer ministry will invite motivated, faith-filled individuals at parishes to do two things: one, run local support groups for adult children of divorce or separation, and two, mentor and accompany alumni of the Recovering Origins retreat who want to be more engaged in parish life and meet others in similar situations who are on the healing journey with them. This peer-to-peer ministry will be piloted over the course of 2019-2020.

Book and Leadership Manual

Dan is currently writing both a book and a leadership manual about ministry to adult children of divorce. The book will be about some of the major, common wounds adult children of divorce face and how Christ’s wound on the Cross can draw life out of these wounds for a deeper, more authentic love in an individual’s life and for the good of the Church. It will include stories and advice from his own journey and from adults he has accompanied through the Recovering Origins and Life-Giving Wounds ministry over the last several years. The leadership manual will be about how to set up Recovering Origins and Life-Giving Wounds ministries at the parish or diocesan level, and how effectively minister to adult children of divorce in your area.

Adult Children of Divorce Marriage Preparation Track

Dan hopes to develop one day a special “track” for marriage preparation programs about the wounds of adult children of divorce and how these wounds affect trust and love in marriage. This presentation would then encourage people to learn more by going to a Recovering Origins retreat or other Life-Giving Wounds events. By targeted engaged couples, this approach would reach people as they are forming their own marriages and help them build an even stronger foundation despite the difficulties they faced as children of divorce.